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"Simon Templar is the Saint - daring, dazzling, and just a little disreputable. On the side of the law, but standing outside it, he dispenses his own brand of justice one criminal at a time."

The Saint, probably best remembered for the 1960's TV series starring Roger Moore, was a 'modern day Robin Hood', a fictional character created by author Leslie Charteris and first appeared in 1928. The character has spanned the decades and enthralled new generations in many formats including a 1940's radio series starring Vincent Price as the Saint, a 1970's TV series with Ian Ogilvy donning the halo and even a Hollywood feature film in the late 90's starring Val Kilmer. A new Saint TV pilot has recently been filmed starring Adam Rayner as The Saint, with guest appearances by Roger Moore, Ian Ogilvy and a certain white Volvo P1800!


The Saint stories are to be republished in both print and digital format for the first time in 2013 by Hodder & Stoughton (through their Mulholland division), the original publisher of the stories, first publishing The Last Hero in 1930. Andrew was commissioned by Ian Dickerson, a writer and expert on the history of the Saint representing the Estate of Leslie Charteris, to design new book cover artwork for the latest editions. A huge fan of the Saint adventures since a young age courtesy of the 1970's series 'Return of The Saint', Andrew set to work designing a simple and striking set of covers that reflected the nature of the stories as he explains below.

"It's an amazing privilege to work on the Saint but also an enormous challenge, looking back at previous book cover designs for the Saint particularly from the 1950's and foreign language editions, it became apparent my predecessors had set an extremely high standard of originality and inventiveness with the Saint stickman character in all manner of different poses and activities that really make you smile. Each different outing for the Saint over the years has it's own strong look and style, most noticeably in film and TV branding, that instantly identifies which era of Saint you are looking at that refreshed the brand from the era before. The challenge was to create a whole new set of original Saint images that show the Saint in new scenarios that encapsulate the story or title of the book, whilst occassionally making a nod to particularly iconic covers from the past, topped off with a strong new brand identity."

To learn more about The Saint and the works of author Leslie Charteris, please visit www.lesliecharteris.com. To visit the publishers website, please click here www.hodder.co.uk. To order the books on Amazon, click on each cover.



As is always the case with the creative process in any field, many ideas are generated in the search for the best one. Below are a selection of the book cover designs that weren't ultimately used.



The definitive guide to The Saint's adventures on the radio is coming soon, written by Ian Dickerson, available as ebook and hard copy. Published by Purview Press.

Simon Templar, better known as the Saint, is perhaps the first truly multimedia hero for by the 1960s his adventures had appeared in books, films, comic-strips and on television. But radio has been the most durable medium for the Saint; from the first series, during World War II to the most recent in 2002, fifteen actors have played the modern day Robin Hood.

Of course when you mention The Saint on the radio most people think of Vincent Price, and quite understandably for he was the longest running and most high profile incumbent of the halo. But who were the other fourteen - and how did they get their haloes?

The Saint on the Radio goes behind the scenes of all the radio Saints and indeed those who didn't quite make it. It provides an invaluable guide to the radio adventures of one of the 20th century's most enduring and endearing heroes.